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for Outdoor Recreation

& Environmental Business

Engage. Inspire. SAVE TIME and EARN MORE.


Your life as an environmental or outdoor business owner is more than just selling products. It's selling experiences, educating the public about eco-friendly living and convincing consumers that you're worth the investment.


When it comes to this kind of business, people like to know where their money is going! 


So how do you draw in skeptics, establish relationships,

AND keep customers coming back for more?  

That's where I come in.

Hi! My name is Sarah and I'm an environmental copywriter and inbound marketing strategist.

These days, online presence is a vital part of business success. But that doesn't mean it has to be impersonal or replace the crucial networking you already do in-store and on the trail!  

You handle the vision, I'll work my magic behind the scenes, and watch your business grow, thanks to:​

  • Rich web copy

  • Consistent inbound marketing campaigns

  • And calculated SEO optimization

Communication and outreach take time that you can't afford to spend! And it happens to be my specialty.

You're in the business of selling high-quality products, building networks of outdoor enthusiasts, and saving the Earth.


That's a hefty load. 

I am in the business of making that happen by uniting people behind practices that make our Earth greener and cleaner, one positive outdoor-experience at a time. 

The success of your company depends on skilled marketing and your creative and intellectual freedom to grow.

You need someone on your side! I will turn your ideas into reliable customers, drawn-in by killer copy, and held by the unique and positive experience of doing business with you.        

Together, we can promote eco-centric commerce and build you a successful business doing so.



How it Works


Effective copy helps you establish authority on Google, attract customers, and build meaningful connections based on your unique and robust, company voice.


With increased and targeted outreach, establish new audiences and watch sales shatter your glass ceiling.


Writing is VITAL. Yet for most, so time-consuming. You've already done the hard work. Let me show the world what makes you so special.

Why work with me?

You're an expert in your field.

My expertise is in making it sound appealing to consumers.

Copy (this writing stuff I do) can be the difference between gaining masses of devoted clients or losing them in the click of a mouse.

What more???

I'm educated and personally involved in environmental discussions and outdoor recreation communities. I know what people are saying and what people need to hear.

My passion is building positive communities centered around businesses (just like yours!) 

that produce capital from our precious natural resources, in healthy and meaningful ways.


Writing Samples

Image by David Marcu

Mud, Muck, & Sunshine

Not only do they show readers you're an active entity, blog posts can put in plugs for merchandise, draw traffic to your site, and establish credibility. 

20190907_154654 (1).jpg

GBCA Fundraiser Event

Blog posts can easily be converted into email marketing campaigns. Share info about important events and call your readers to meaningful action.


Field Notes: Crocus

Increasing readership and developing regular marketing routines will build relationship between you and consumers. Good content = >interest=>$.


Love, Beauty & Planet

Don't settle for blah, textbook summaries. Attract customers with creative, funny, charming, assertive, and functional product descriptions. Pack personality into every aspect of your marketing.


Patagonia Worn Wear

Email marketing: considered >than 40x more effective than Facebook & Twitter combined. Establish trust, build relationship, engage & earn more with marketing that brags an ROI of 3800% 

Screenshot (39).png

Municipal Proposal

Showcase your company's cutting- edge research & establish authority with long-form documents like this Zero-Waste proposal. Scholarly research for the average reader. Simple. Powerful.

Services & Rates

-Thoroughly researched, expertly tailored, and skillfully directed toward target audiences- 

Not only do I do my homework, but I do it ON TIME and I do it WELL. 

Utilizing time-tested marketing psychology and skillful SEO, my copy will grow your community and establish your authority within your field. 


So what are your goals? Let's chat about what kinds of copy would serve you best.  


When you invest in me, you invest in a business partner who is dedicated to YOUR success.


I've combined my education in Environmental Studies, Copywriting, and personal experience as an outdoor enthusiast to do just that - build YOUR success. 

Working with me, means you get:

  • Personal investment from me, as an easy-to-reach and compassionate human being  

  • Scholarly research to build credibility 

  • Consumer research that converts readers into customers

  • Search engine optimization to establish authority and ranking on platforms like Google 

  • Pitch article ideas based on consumer demand and business need

  • Formatting which is user-friendly and ready for publishing

  • Photography to make your message POP!.. royalty-free  

  • Titles that up your click rate

  • Editing that reflects your feedback and ensures error-free material

If you want to work with someone who is personable and creatively applies ideas to business goals, then I'm your girl, and good copywriting is my game.


Every project is different and requires varying levels of investment.

That said, all rates are based on the high-quality time I spend researching, strategizing, and writing the material that will bring you long-lasting business success (which is taken into account as well). 

  • Website Copy: beginning at $300 / 800-1000 words


  • Blogs: beginning at $200 / 1000 words

  • Email Campaigns: beginning at $100 / email 

  • Social Media Ads: beginning at $50 / ad (bundles of 3, 5, & 10)

*Landing Pages, whitepapers, opt-ins, product descriptions, & ebooks priced on a case-by-case basis.*


So how about it? Are you ready to turn your goals into reality? Let's chat!



Tel: 123-456-7890
Fax: 123-456-7890
20200619_202108 (1).png

Hi there!

My name is Sarah, a freelance environmental copywriter and nature enthusiast - glad we could finally meet!


I know... this all sounds a bit too good to be true... like, is there even a person behind all that talk?


Well yes, and it happens to be me! And I have good news for you - it's almost too good to be true... 

But it isn't. It's just good enough to be the best thing your business could ever hope for!

Let me introduce myself and where my passions come from.

I grew up in a small, Montana town, romping around the mountains that were out my backdoor and painting the chickens as they scratched in the field.


My love for the Earth, natural spaces, and outdoor recreation is planted deep within my heart, watered over the years by cherished time in the Pioneers, break-of-day trail runs, moonlit cross country ski trips, weekend river floats, regular excursions to our National Parks and bounties of other local-gems under our namesake Big Sky. 


Mother Nature has served as an endless inspiration for my writing and artistry; so has Her people.  

With an ultimate desire to protect and promote the natural environment, I went to the University of Montana for Environmental Studies, Journalism, and Spanish. 


I knew that I had a gift, and if used wisely, a tool, that could help shape the future of environmental and outdoor recreation business, not only for the industry itself but for all the people who take part in it.  


Henceforth was born my intrepid determination to love every nook and cranny of the world, all the people in it, and the radical life I would lead as a result of doing so through writing. 

So what makes me different than other copywriters?

I am certified through a mentorship program by one of the best copywriters in her field, Sarah Turner. I know how to utilize technology that compliments and hones my craft as a writer, which brings success to your company, and attention to environmentally based industries in the process. 

With me on your side, you can be sure that the voice of your business is fresh and engaging, turning potential clients into valued customers.

It is my goal and my craft, as a writer, to help your business succeed.


By doing so, we'll both be promoting the health and longevity of the natural spaces which have given us so much and asked for so little. 


So what do you say... Ready to talk about how your business can do it too?





Can't find a time that works for you??
No worries! Email me your availability or fill out this form, and we'll make it happen.  

Thanks for submitting!

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